There are several options for choosing a timeshare cancellation company. Here are three of them: Wesley Financial Group, Newton Group, and Sapphire Cancellation. Choosing one can feel like a daunting task, but it’s crucial to follow the instructions given by the brand. The letter should be addressed to the brand and postmarked within the rescission period. You should also request a return receipt when mailing or faxing.

Newton Group

The website of the Newton Group is filled with activity and information. Its home page features video testimonials of satisfied customers, logos from news sites, and a video interview with company founder Gordon Newton. This approach is aimed at creating instant credibility among potential clients. It also includes a moving ticker that shows positive news headlines.

The company has a good reputation for assisting clients in timeshare termination. They maintain regular communication and walk their clients through the entire process. They have a great track record of customer service and have excellent customer ratings. For these reasons, Newton Group is a good choice if you’d like to cancel your timeshare.

The company has been in the timeshare cancellation business for more than a decade. The company has published an e-book on timeshare cancellation scams. The ebook also provides a checklist to help consumers find reputable timeshare exit companies. Aside from the ebook, the company’s website has a phone number where customers can reach an expert.

Sapphire Cancellation

Sapphire Cancellation is a timeshare exit company based in Orlando, Florida. They have been in business since May of 2018. If you’re considering cancelling your timeshare, you might want to look into using their services. They can help you eliminate your timeshare maintenance fees and mortgage. Their services focus on transparency, integrity, and efficiency.

Their website is user-friendly and informative. It lists important information up front, including a testimonials page, a short profile of the attorney, and a process description. There is also a FAQ section and a contact form. The website also has information about the company’s legal team, the refund policy, and the potential impact on credit.

Although Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation is a relatively new company, they have a strong incentive to succeed. Its owners, Chelsea Wiles and Jeremiah Smith, are committed to keeping their clients happy. They guarantee to assist clients in canceling their timeshares and will help them secure their credit as well.